Thank you – for Everything

A poem about the battles of life and the rest you get from having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Title: Thank you – for Everything

My mind is on fire, I am burning down. Caught in the eye of the storm, lost in the depths of a labyrinth.

My sins are great, how do I kill the Serpent? O Lord, rescue me from what I am. I am sick and twisted, restless I go to sleep.

My fellow-man a stranger. Caught in my own trap, I walk alone.

Help me Jesus, forgive me for what I am. I pray that my eyes you will open, one day so I can see, and my ears so I can finally hear.

I am not sure if I am doing right but you say you love me. Every Son and Daughter who walks the Earth.

When everything seems hopeless, without meaning and love, You stand ready with your arms wide open. What is life without you Our God? On the Cross you died, for our sake, You gave us life.

O Lord, help us, bring us home! Thank you, for Everything. May your will be done, today till the end of days. In Jesus name


By Mathias M. Nielsen

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