Empty Shell

Anyone can write a poem – to express what is inside. I invite you to write your own poem in the comments below or just to say hello! Here is one from me.

Title: Empty Shell

Lord Jesus I long for your presence.
I pray that thy will be done,
that your Holy Spirit may guide me home.

Without you, I am but an empty Shell.
You are the way, the truth and life.
Let my house be build on your name,

Away from the world, 
I take refuge in your garden of peace,
where the grass is green and soft for my feet.

I hear you knocking – please come in.
I thank you for being my guest. 
More than that, please move in!
I pray with all my heart.

I got nothing to offer you,
except for some tea, will you drink it with me?

You travel the world, visiting every man and woman.
You gave yourself to the world, the death on the cross,
you rose again so we could live.

Our empty shells you filled with life.
The old shack you helped rebuild,
it’s transforming into a beautiful palace!

By Mathias M. Nielsen

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