Black Shade

A Poem about the guilt and shame you can bear in life and the forgiveness you can receive in the Blood of Christ.

Title: The Black Shade

A shadow follows wherever I go,

old dark memories,

present evil.

I try to forget, another glass of wine

a big inhale to the sound of a baseline.

Day after day, year after year.


Emotions are building up

The Black Shade,

painted like a trail.

Self-hatred and shame,

a black candle flame.

What is real?


I’m crying for help

Who can help me in my misery?

What Is truth?

My own judgement,

my pride and self-righteousness.

A dark cloud covering my eyes.


I was tired I was weak,

you who heal the sick,

a gentle touch from your hand,

you took me to the Holy Land.

Your death on the cross,

forgiveness for my past.


A new life you gave,

in grace we may live.

I want to thank you,

I’m nothing but a worm,

but you call me home

To your eternal Throne.


Thank you Jesus

By Mathias M. Nielsen

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