Enduring Patience

It’s not about how much you say, but what you say.

Words and action that weights a thousand pound. Hitting you in the chest like a bull. I sometimes wish I could ignore and vanish in the blow of a wind. I am analyzing every depth of the tune. I hide behind the Lord, my only hope to stay calm in the midst of chaos. Lord I am longing for your presence, to be in your sight in the green hills. Lord take me home, dear Jesus. This world is in downfall, help me to serve in these desperate times, the remaining sheep of your fold.

The company of people draining my soul. From the risen sun to the night sky,  working hard as a horse riding a caravan. Blood and tears down my spine, I went to bed afraid reaching out for you. The communion with God, he touched many hearts my soul may rest again. The beautiful look at the face of a child, I would do it all again.

My thoughts of joy like a great symphony. Without you I’m afraid in loneliness, your peace brings life to my imagination. I no longer live in desolate lands, I imagine a lost forgotten paradise. A place so filled with wonder, the beauty of your crafted hands. Lord forgive me for all my foolishness and wickedness, clean my soul like the river flowing. How I long to be united, resting in your loving hands.

I can take no honor of anything, everything is a gift of your will. You made me the way you wanted to, with freedom to be nourished by your love. I once took the path of lies and destruction. Help me Lord to be wise again, to believe in your Holy name.

I’m longing to leave this place and be in your presence, but I have yet to endure in patience – a living relationship with the Lord. Help me serve my fellow man so he may turn and walk along towards Home.

6 Replies to “Enduring Patience”

    1. Hey Maya, thank you for your comment! I have, like I have thought of so many other things, like moving to an calm and isolated Island. However, I believe we are to live in the world and not hide from it. I’m still trying to find a balance. What are your thoughts, ever thought of moving to the moon?


      1. Well, since the moon isn’t an option at the moment, no.
        I have, however thought about joining a convent. However I haven’t found one that suits me, but if I do, I might..
        But then again, prayer is everywhere, but I would love to be a part of a society solely made of believers.
        I believe that nuns are essential to life in some countries, helping the less fortunate to find a place in life.

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  1. Sorry about the moon part, wasn’t sure if you were one hundred percent sincere with me about the monastery because of how the internet works sometimes, now I see that you are. I’m glad you’re asking Maya. I can relate and understand your longing, being close in fellowship with other Christians in this time of the hour is truly comforting. I live and study at a Christian school to become a Deacon, there’s very calm atmosphere with morning prayers and great people. Personally I don’t feel as much distracted and I’m able to live by a routine in which I feel a closer relationship with Jesus. I believe you can that as well in “normal” settings and with a good church of other believers. A life of faith, hope and love in Jesus is the best thing I can imagine that I think a convent or monastery would be like. I also recall Peter and the others to make little societies of believers now that you mention it. So thank you Maya for the reminder, I have something to think about :)


    1. I get it, people can be pretty insensitive on the internet.
      But thank you for your answer!
      Ones calling to God shows in different paths for all of us, and lucky that.

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      1. I think that you are very right, with unique and different personalities, gifts and calling from God. It’s lucky indeed that we are to be free in this way. God bless on your journey :)


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