The importance of Imagination and Intuition

I have recently been very fascinated by the nature of imagination and intuition. Drawing inspiration from people such as C. S. Lewis and A. Einstein. Lewis for example describes how his own imagination was baptized and how he was suddenly able to see through the barriers of materialism, through the works of G. K. Chesterton and G. MacDonald. And Einstein for saying that imagination is more important than knowledge as it goes beyond the horizon of what we currently know. How he made equation of the nature of physics and scientists first being able to validate through experiment years later. To which he simply replied that he wasn’t surprised, he would only be so if they proved him wrong! He trusted his intuition, we should however be careful where it takes us. To baptize and nourish our own imagination further we of course need the right building blocks to make connections of truth and meaning. The Bible is the best starting place I would say, as a revelation not from humans but from God. Some have made the case, that modern physics never would have arrived if not from the inspiration of the first chapter of Genesis, that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

With regards to Creation & Theistic Evolution I think imagination is playing a crucial role to get things right.
I’ve been influenced by people such as William Lane Craig, so my own imagination is quite scientifically while holding on to the deep truths of scripture. One either interprets literally or in some places in a more free and nuanced matter I would say. Metaphorically or poetically without leaving out truths. The 6 days turning into millions of years, the beginning turning into The Big Bang while God being present at all times. I find everything miraculous while I imagine the process He set in motion. The natural laws and underlying code and allowance for life and conscious beings to occur. It seems a bit of a stretch of the imagination to propose that could happen from random ‘dead’ causes. The fact that atheism propose that everything came into being from nothing is an absurdity above all else. But I understand that the ‘nothing’ is not nothing at all, but then I get confused as to what they really propose. A fluctuation that suddenly happened a finite time ago setting everything in motion with the appearance of being finely-tuned?

I would love to get my own intuition, imagination and analogies sharpened. I love to imagine how everything is working together in such harmony, while being struck in wonder that behind the carbet God is. That still blows my mind, not only reality, but a reality with God!

My hope for this conversation is to get the insight of you guys, your personally metaphors and analogies. Your thoughts and why you see things the way they are.

When talking to unbelievers I like to make the case of an artist. It might not be the sharpest though. It goes like this; a building is obviously a sign of there being an architect. And how truly magnificent the universe is with all it’s complexity and wonder. From music, to the arts, to the emotions and longing for something this world cannot give. As Lewis states, if I am longing for something this world cannot give, I was created for another world. He goes further to say that He believes in Christianity as he believe the sun has risen; not only because he sees it, but because by it he is seeing everything else. And so Christianity is the lens in which we see and understand the world around us. Like waking up from a dream one could not understand to finally knowing one’s origin, purpose and meaning in life and finally the destiny of life. That the world is the beautiful Art of Creation by God. He is the architect of everything.

More analogies could be said about DNA and the similarities to computer codes. About the nano-machines in the cell that in such mind-blowing manners is assembling and taking care of the complexities of a single cell.

What is most important is what we believe. What we believe will manifest into our very being, our imagination and life itself. Believe in God and He will set you free. He sent his Son so that anyone who believes shall not perish but have everlasting life.

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Thank you for reading, I cannot wait for your reply! And God bless!

Sincerely, Mathias

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