A Loving God and Suffering?

This is my response to this video by CosmicSceptic, in regards to the question of God’s existence despite evil and suffering.

Let’s take a look at one of the arguments that he brings up:

Premise 1: If an all loving, all powerful God exists, evil would not exist.
Premise 2: Evil does exist:
Conclusion: God does not exist.

And it would seem that many people share this point of view. How can God exist with all this pain and suffering in the world? It’s an important question, but even more important – could there be an answer before we completely dismiss the existence of God? Killing God completely from our minds will in fact only do more harm and bring more suffering, as it leaves us completely vulnerable and leave us utterly alone. Faith and Hope in God does indeed provide a practical grounding against otherwise meaningless suffering. But it can only be practical if you so believe it to be true. We must therefore see if we can make a case and convince ourselves if God indeed could exist.

Say someone is on the brink of dying. We all will eventually which is terrifying, but someone who is terminally ill is facing the question in a most painful way. “Will I die and not exist forever? Is this all there is? Did I live all my life up till this movement to disappear, forever?” That’s enough to give anyone existential angst if we let our minds drift for too long in that fantasy. It’s also very hard to comfort a person in that position from a scientifically or secular point of view. Some have tried very poetically and almost beautiful, that we will some day become star dust and be a part of the new birth of galaxies, stars and planets. Perhaps some of our atoms will be flowing in the blood streams of a future species. But deep down, do we really feel it? As in the book of Brave New World, we all have our personal intake of Soma to kill the worst feelings in our bodies. We are very resilient creatures and can indeed die somewhat sane and in dignity facing the cruel reality of death, but do we really have to believe that? Are there not any hope left?

My question would be, if the argument also take into consideration that God is Just? So even though he loves his creation and every human being Just and a punishment for injustice must be acted out. And so the history of mankind plays out in the suffering we see, a world abandoned by what is perfect and Holy. Yet he didn’t just leave us to die, he had a plan that would bend the rules of justice because of love. He had to die for it himself, taking the punishment we so deserved upon Himself so that we could live. That is love in my understanding and I’m deeply thankful for his grace upon us. Sin and justice must be taken into account I would argue. Even claiming, as a human being to understand what is going on fully seem rather naive and not so humble. We are deeply affected by our emotions that tend to twist our imagination and make us guilty of pride. And pride so destroyed the world, that they could not see the loving hands of the Lord, reaching out to his Children.

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What is your view on pain and suffering?

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