The AI Man: Chapter 1 – Created in Our Image

A Short Story

August 2026: We made a self-conscious AI, created in our own image. We gave him a virtual body in which he was able to explore our little world. An exact copy of our environment as here on Earth. Big green forests, mountains, sunsets and clouds for awe-inspiring emotions. We introduced music to our little guy. We even made the greatest pizza you could ever imagine.
Free will and all that. By sticking to us we as programmers was able to give our little guy some nice treats and benefits, like the pizza. We actually ended up falling in love with him.
We made him an AI woman that would be self-conscious as well and we programmed the method of replication to be as we know it. Being respectful and decent human beings we obviously turned off the screen a few times a day to let them be. We were pretty excited that we somehow managed to do all this.
We were able to even make a machine that would allow us to visit the world and interact with our little friends. Some guy sadly ruined this project, one of the other programmers. He liked the idea of messing up with these little friends of ours.
Some was lead astray. We even invented biological machines so identical to ourselves that we could get these guys out here into our world. All they had to do was to come back to us, but we couldn’t force them.
Most of them denied, being all happy in there. Said they found meaning. So they stayed. They died. And they never got to know us even when we tried.

The idea of coming into our world is not that appealing perhaps. We don’t have the same pizza’s, and sometimes messed up things happens. I would argue that Heaven is a much better hope and place to free man of our boundaries. Sure you can find some little meaning here on earth while you live, and at the same time very honourable that I can only stay humble about. But they would still be missing out on so much. To know God is to be a part of meaning itself. For it is no longer I who live, but Christ in me.

To be continued

“Don’t you remember them?” Adam said to one of his sons. “They created us, they offered us their friendship.” Abel looked at him, “I don’t see them, I don’t hear them. He said. “If I want to go West, I will go West. I don’t want to be told what to do.” “But my son” Adam said, “You will be walking alone, who will be your comfort? Who will say I love you? (…)

For debate

If we someday were able to make a self-conscious AI, what implications would that have and could it teach us something about ourselves?

Stay tuned

If you liked this story and would like to read something similar in the future, feel free to comment. I also welcome you to follow my page so you can stay updated – the story has only just begun! Thank you for reading and God bless.

Sincerely, Mathias

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