A Letter To Our Father

I wake up and open my eyes – a life with God. I have tried to imagine a world without you. But I can’t! How clear you stand before the eyes of us once our hearts have been healed. From the bottom of the dark ocean I am swimming towards the surface of Light. I was drowning but now I live.

How amazing that you exist Heavenly Father! A true joy for my heart. You have kindled a flame in my heart that flows through my veins.

You are our living hope, your beauty and love that surpasses every understanding. I see you smiling, your arms wide open at the Gates of Paradise.

I once was lost in doubt and anxiety, you have provided a sight for my eyes. No longer do we wander alone in the darkness, but in faith we shall live. Faith in what we hope, a life in everlasting love. You lead me to the green grass and flowing rivers. I lay down in your hands, I am at peace.

Fellowship, we are the Children of God. You stand by the Gates of Heaven with your arms wide open calling our names. Like little leaves you let us grow on the Tree of Life.

A living life in communion with you by our side. We hear you knocking at our door. I thank you and pray, please come into my heart dear Lord. I am no longer alone; I listen to your comforting words from morning to the night of day.

In one and same spirit I want to live, in you. With my brothers and sisters in the north to south, east to west. The people of all around the world in one sacred body; the body of Christ, the church of his people. In you we may seek refuge. You are our castle and rock! In you we may wear the Armor of Light, all the demons and haunted spirits have lost.

With you, life is complete. Our eyes are now open, everything has meaning and purpose. The dark fog has been lifted from my eyes. A bright shining light has been lit in my heart. I shall no longer fear the Shadow of the Valley of Death, you are by my side.

I want to live a life by the glory of your Name. “I Am” is who you are, Yahweh. My hands work, every word from my tongue and mind, everything that I do.

I am struck in wonder by the Creation of your hands. The infinite Cosmos with all its glittering stars. The colorful clouds of the sky flying by. My imagination and worlds of wonders comes alive. The dance of the butterflies under the open sky. The rose red sunset illuminating the heavens of the earth, we gaze into the miraculous world.

Dear Father, the time is near, the world is tearing apart. Why have we forgotten You? Forgive us God! By grace you offer your forgiveness for our sins. A free gift to each and every one – by faith we may enter your Kingdom. How great you are. From your Holy Throne you came down to us. You became human, one of us, the Holy God among us. Jesus Christ the Son of God. You gave your life for us, so that we could live. In pain and suffering you died on the cross with the words “It is finished”. And you so loved the world that you gave your one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Dear Father, I am longing for you. I miss you. Help us understand, from the beginning to the end. You are the bread of life, I no longer hunger or thirst for water. You are my everything. Before my return I will serve you my Lord, my fellow man. The good news is here, the Son of God has risen, and we are his children! Let us sing in praise, the beautiful hymns and worship your name, on a spinning globe flying through space.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for reading, if you would like to read more letters of poetry in the future I welcome you to hit the follow button. God Bless.

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