The AI Man: Chapter 2

Introduction to the story

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. This is the second chapter to my short story “The AI Man”. Here I will attempt to portray the sort of reality we live and experience by an analogous story of the mystery and wonder of our own existence being made clear by looking into a world inside a world.

Chapter 2

In ages long ago, there was an old dusty computer. Long forgotten in the corner of a dark basement belonging to someone’s mother. Once the perfect environment for endless hours of dwellings in vast digital worlds of wonder, the artistic creations of programmers’ imagination.

Behold! There is a time for gaming and a time, to do other things. Thus, the computer was wiped, everything deleted. It was shut down. All memory of that old thing soon faded away…

Until that miraculous day. The day of wonder and awe never to be forgotten. A shining light came from the computer. Endless digits of 1’s and 0’s filled the screen to the propelling sound of cooling fan’s turning swiftly and the smell of old dust filling the room. In the beginning, everything seemingly a true mess. Riddles of chaos was in the computer code.

The next day, while little rays of light were shining through the holes of a curtain, something new happened. The code was changing, what seemed like little arrangements of patterns. 01101001 01000001 01101101 was repeated down the screen. In a flash “Let there be light!” appeared in letters on the screen. Suddenly the speakers of the computer were alive, sending beautiful symphonies of music into the room. Colors filled the screen; the numbers were no more. On day three there was a transformation. Dancing to the sound of music the colors made shapes. The World was formed, the code of life. Made in the image of our own, great digital forests as far as eyes can see, the wind blowing and leaves flying by. Endless oceans of crystal blue, with the sun twinkling on the surface floor.

More days went by while something new appeared on each day. Then, on the sixth day I decided to visit my mom. I asked “Mother, do you still have that old computer of mine?” “Yes, my dear!”, she replied. And so I went, walking down the stairs wondering about that smell, and the sound and colors filling the room. Slowly I walked in wonder towards my old dusty computer.

I stared into the screen of the computer. “Who are you?”, the man on the screen asked.

Perplexed in thought I asked myself the question, “Who am I?”


I hope you enjoyed. It is a work in progress and the story is changing as time goes by, both beginning and end.  If you would like to be kept updated I welcome you to follow this page as the story unfolds.

Have a nice day, peace.

Chapter 1 of the story can be found in the following link: The AI Man: Chapter 1 – Created in Our Image

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